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E6: safe and robust [ 21-10-2016 ] E6_list.jpg

With the E6 series, ETAP introduces a specific general lighting solution for car parks.

R8: slimmer and more stylish [ 18-10-2016 ] R8 2016_news.jpg

The R8 series has everything to illuminate spaces in a creative manner. The fully updated LED version is even slimmer and more stylish than its predecessor.

Comfort and efficiency with US21 [ 22-08-2016 ] US21_news.jpg

With the rectangular version of the US21, ETAP further expands its softlight luminaire range with LEDs.

Switch to LED without worries [ 01-04-2016 ] U7 led panel_list.jpg

With this new version of the square U7, you no longer have a single reason to stick to your fluorescent lighting.

Switching to LED was never easier [ 31-05-2016 ] E1 renovatie_news.jpg

ETAP has developed a renovation module, which you can use to switch your existing E1 installation to LEDs quickly and efficiently.

New: K1 recessed spot [ 31-03-2016 ] K1R spot_list.jpg

With the launch of the K1 recessed version, ETAP now provides an efficient and safe LED solution for each emergency lighting application.

R2: light comfort in minimalist design [ 29-03-2016 ] R2_list.jpg

With the R2 ETAP introduces an extensive series of surface-mounted and suspended luminaires with diffuser.

New generation LED downlights [ 21-03-2016 ] Downlights_news.jpg

Recently D1-D2-D3 LED downlights were fitted with the new chip-on-board technology. Result: an even more efficient luminaire with a lower price tag.

ETAP invites you to light+building [ 23-02-2016 ] l+b2016_list_ENG.jpg

True to tradition, ETAP will once again descend on light+building. This architecture and technology fair will take place in Frankfurt from 13 to 18 March.

Happy birthday to... ELS! [ 03-02-2016 ] ELS20_list.jpg

In 1996 ETAP introduced ELS. We have calculated how much energy you have saved over the past 20 years thanks to this ETAP Light Control System.

ETAP's LED report, 6th edition [ 15-12-2015 ] Leddossier 2015 list.jpg

LEDs are the new standard in the world of lighting. ETAP's LED report (sixth edition) will provide you with well-founded answers to your questions.

Scoring with BREEAM and LEED [ 27-11-2015 ] BREEAM_news.jpg

BREEAM and LEED are the most common sustainability certificates for buildings. With ETAP you stand a much better chance of securing a certificate.

Sustainability report 2015 [ 24-11-2015 ] Duurzaamheidsrapport 2015_news2.jpg

In the fourth edition of our sustainability report we describe how we implemented our vision of sustainability in 2013 and 2014.

Catalogue new products 2016 [ 24-11-2015 ] Nieuwe producten 2015_list.jpg

Since the beginning of this year ETAP has developed various new lighting solutions. We list all their features in this 'Catalogue new products'.

E2: for demanding environments [ 23-10-2015 ] E2_list.jpg

E2 is a LED luminaire with high protection factor (IP66) for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

K1: new standard in emergency lighting [ 14-10-2015 ] K1R-list.jpg

The new K1 put a permanent end to the era of fluorescent lamps in emergency lighting.

ETAP luminaires 'forever young' [ 25-08-2015 ] U7+UM2.jpg

Since 2012, Laborelec has been testing 6 LED luminaires. After 12,000 burning hours, ETAP’s U7 and UM2 still recorded very strong results.

Lightpoint 2015: let us inspire you [ 22-06-2015 ] LP2015-1_list.jpg

Lightpoint's new issue is out. With contributions about the latest ETAP solutions, inspiring projects and so much more.

The fastest way from fluorescent to LED [ 28-04-2015 ] Renovatiemodule_list.jpg

Thanks to the E4 renovation module,  you can easily switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

W1: a wide array of applications [ 14-04-2015 ] W1_news.jpg

With the W1 ETAP adds a timeless classic to its LED range: a round surface-mounted diffusor for wall and ceiling.

U2 with LED: a smart investment [ 13-04-2015 ] U2_list.jpg

With the U2 ETAP markets a series of recessed diffusers with LEDs, which combine comfort and high efficiency. 

Flexible lighting for large spaces [ 13-04-2015 ] E4-E5_list.jpg

The E4 and E5 light line systems were designed for large spaces. Innovative DUAL•LENS technology ensures efficiency and visual comfort.

Excellum2: effortless light control [ 08-04-2015 ] Excellum2_news.jpg

With Excellum2 ETAP launches the next generation of light control systems. The system focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

New year, new catalogue [ 04-02-2015 ] PK2015_list.jpg

The new ETAP catalogue is out. In it you will find extensive information on all our lighting solutions.

Video: experience the ETAP light [ 27-01-2015 ] LIPA_news.jpg

In our Malle Light Pavillion, you can experience ETAP's innovative lighting solutions. Check our video for a preview.