Experience and study

Our luminaires are aimed at providing correct and suitable lighting for every work scenario. In offices and schools the majority of the day is spent reading and looking at details (in texts, on monitors or during mutual communication). In industrial environments, on the other hand, there is greater job variety (looking at small components, but also moving large pallets). In this context, good lighting contributes to quality and productivity, but also to general safety. Offices or production halls, hospitals or gyms, car parks or commercial premises: lighting must meet specific conditions for each application.

ETAP has been producing and developing lighting for various applications for more than 50 years. More than anyone else, we are familiar with any potential problems and know how to solve them. Our lighting designers actively seek the perfect scenario for each project on a daily basis, taking into account the requirements described in the European EN12464-1 standard.

Are there requirements with respect to colour rendering or light colour? Does the lighting have to be able to take a hit or do the luminaires have to have a specific IP class? Do the luminaires have to be recessed or surface-mounted? Which lighting technology is most suitable? Discover ETAP’s solutions below.