Daylight-dependent light control


The effect of daylight on luminaires


Discover our ranges with integrated ELS sensor

For higher ceilings (up to 20 m) a specific ELS sensor is available with DALI and analogue connection in one housing. This sensor can be configured by infrared remote control.


With daylight-control savings up to 25% are possible on the total use of the lighting installation in a building.



The unique ELS control strategy combines high energy savings with excellent user acceptance. ELS reacts immediately to changing light incidence, both for increasing and decreasing lighting levels. As a result dimming is barely noticeable. The light sensor’s sensitivity is adjustable.

Easy installation

Installation time for luminaires with or without ELS is the same, since no additional wiring is required. ELS is factory-set for each project. Should you wish to adjust the lighting levels later, just change the settings in situ.

US luminaire with ELS daylight sensor