EMD scheme 1
The light is controlled as a function of the incident daylight and movement.
EMD scheme 2
The luminaires are grouped. As long as one luminaire detects any movement within the group, the whole group of luminaires remains active.



EMD minimises the luminaire's power consumption. Thanks to the automatic control depending on daylight and presence, unnecessary energy consumption is prevented. Parasitic energy consumption, i.e., consumption of the sensor, is reduced to a minimum. The EMD DALI uses 0.8W.


Flexible and comfortable

With EMD in your luminaires you will be prepared for changes in the future. By means of a specific remote control, you can choose between the various predefined working modes. For example, with the press of a button you can switch from “individual office” mode to “open-plan office” mode. Here too, you can obviously configure your daylight control as you see fit. Furthermore, EMD allows to control several groups of luminaires with a single sensor and to dim the window side and corridor side of a room differently depending on incident light.

ETAP EMD DALI in U7 luminaire

U7 with EMD-sensor

U3 with EMD sensor

U3 with EMD-sensor


Easy installation

ETAP perfectly integrates the EMD sensor into the luminaire. Extra wiring is not necessary. Configuration is completed in advance to the extent possible; any adjustments can be made in situ.



Ask your ETAP adviser to develop the best solution for your specific scenario. The sensor can be built into the luminaire housing on request.


Options and accessories

Remote control for users

C1TU00 IR transmitter - wall mounting, 2 commands
C1TU03 Manual IR remote control, 5 commands - including wall bracket

Remote control for installers

C1TC03 Advanced remote control for installers

Extension sensors

CR1M0/00 Extension sensor for motion detection - surface mounted
consult ETAP Extension sensor for assembly in luminaire


EMD for corridors and open spaces

Open spaces and corridors require special motion sensors. In corridors, motion must be detected across the entire length, so that sensors with elongated detection zones are required. Large, open spaces require sensors that are able to detect motion even at a great distance. ETAP also offers a full range of EMD sensors for these applications.