The right lighting FOR EVERY OFFICE

The modern workspace is evolving. More than ever, offices are flexible spaces. Think of open-plan offices, rest areas, flex desks and collaboration rooms. By working together from the planning and design stages, you get new or refurbished lighting solutions for any workspace, always with a perfect fit for your office interior.

Thanks to smart control systems, your lighting always adapts to the user’s needs. So no matter where you work, you always have sufficient light to do your job well. We help you choose the right optics and specifications for any working space and adapt your lighting to:

  • ensure even light distribution
  • prevent glare and reflection
  • avoid dark spots and shadows
  • include the right level of control

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Led lighting for offices, new or refurbished

Upgrade your communal areas

From the moment people walk into your office building, your lighting sets the tone. The way it blends into your interior design gives people an impression of who you are as a company.

Partnering up with ETAP is an effortless way of blending lighting into your interior ánd achieving comfortable lighting in any office space. Choose from a wide variety of luminaire types, each one carefully designed to minimize waste and emissions.

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Seamless integration of EMERGENCY LIGHTING

Every office space needs to comply with the latest safety regulations. But emergency lighting should also be designed and placed in such a way that people intuitively follow the right path to the nearest exit (EN1838).

ETAP places new or refurbished emergency lighting with minimal invasive methods. So you increase the safety of your building and reduce your waste - and trouble.

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Seamless integration of emergency lighting

Office references

Not quite sure yet how to give your office that little extra glow? Or are you already set on your ambitious new lighting renovations? With ETAP, you and your lighting are in for a lifetime. Find out how we did it for other office spaces.

Ready to make your office lighting a leading example? Let’s find the ideal solution together.

We start from the very first design stages and stick by your side through the whole service life. The result? A long lasting partnership and circular lighting that’s just the same.

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