Tradition in Lighting

ETAP relies on a long lighting tradition. The company was founded by two partners in Antwerp in 1949. For many years Norbert Joris was the dynamic ‘face' of the company. 70 years later ETAP is a major player on the European market for functional lighting solutions. We manufacture locally, but run sales offices in several European countries. Throughout its growth, ETAP has remained an autonomous Belgian company with strong family ties, of which we are very proud!

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ETAP history in lighting

Lighting can have a great effect on people

Lighting at the human level

ETAP deploys its know-how to create lighting at the human level – lighting that provides them with comfort and promotes productivity. At the same time, our lighting systems also constitute a sustainable and reliable investment. Innovation is a matter of course in our entire production process: it is only by constantly innovating that we can offer you the best possible lighting.

ETAP's know-how

Sustainability in the genes

From ETAP’s foundation, sustainability – long before it became trendy - has been the guiding principle in development, production and HR policy. Today more than ever, the focus is on the 3 P’s (People-Planet-Profit).

Our sustainability

ETAP has always been a sustainable company

LIPA: a journey through the world of lighting

LIPA showroom

We are happy to share our passion for lighting with you in our Malle-based Light Pavilion. The LIPA is much more than just a showroom: you will experience the impact of lighting up close and personal.