We are ETAP


As ENTREPRENEURS we are committed to delighting our customers with innovative, circular and tailormade solutions offering comfortable and safe working environments. We want society at large to benefit from our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and maximize the use of renewable energy and reusable natural resources.

As a highly motivated TEAM, we enjoy collaborating and inspiring each other to put value for customers and the planet first. Together, we continuously improve and finetune our Circular Light as a Service solution to offer peace of mind to our customers and accelerate the adoption of circular lighting propositions.

We are AGILE, fast, efficient and flexible in responding to specific requests from our customers. We put maximum effort into offering solutions for the renovation market, since we are convinced about its relevance for society in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

We are committed to forging long term PARTNERSHIPS. We develop and maintain a strong network of highly qualified partners who value and care about our customers, society and the planet.