Classrooms are increasingly used as flexible spaces. Your lighting should be just the same. Flexible lighting systems ensure students easily switch between learning, making exercises or doing presentations.

Thanks to our smart lighting control systems, your lighting adjusts for brightness and color temperature. Giving students the right light in every learning situation and complying with the latest quality standards (EN12464-1).

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Classrooms that stimulate learning with the right light

Auditoriums WITH FOCUS

Large spaces, like auditoria, often lack sufficient daylight or still use outdated lighting systems. That makes it even harder for students to keep focus for long periods.

Thanks to ETAP’s refurbishment solutions, you improve the performance and efficiency of your lighting. Even more, with manual scene selection you also promote the visual comfort of your students and keep their attention when switching between tasks.

Automatic lighting controls ensure lighting switches off whenever the space is not occupied.

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Keep your students focused wit led lighting from ETAP

General area lighting

A wide variety of ceiling applications require a wide choice of luminaires. In some cases custom luminaire designs give the perfect fit you need. You can reduce waste by integration of presence sensors or refurbishment of existing lighting luminaires

ETAP offers carefree service of your lighting for all sorts of areas:

  • corridors and stairwells
  • atriums
  • canteens and pantries
  • restrooms and technical spaces

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When occupied, schools and universities are crowded places. In case of power interruptions or danger, students and staff need clear signage and escape route lighting for a safe exit. Update your emergency lighting with minimal waste and comply with all safety norms (EN 1838) for effortless peace of mind.

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Light the way in case of emergency

Education references

We’ve had the chance to work for many universities, colleges and schools. Always finding new ways to create better lighting comfort with waste-reducing methods and materials. Curious to learn more about one of the specific cases?

Curious about getting the best lighting conditions for your campus? Let’s find the ideal solution together.

We start from the very first design stages and stick by your side through the whole service life. The result? A long lasting partnership and circular lighting that’s just the same.

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