Effortless comfort in PATIENT ROOMS

A calm and artful lighting atmosphere promotes patients’ recovery and assures visitors that their loved ones are in good hands. But for staff, your lighting also needs to be functional for easy caregiving. To ensure they can treat patients with maximum visual comfort, our solutions adapt to the time of the day and the medical task at hand.

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Effortless comfort in patient rooms wit led lighting solutions

Energy-saving lighting for GENERAL AREAS

Your general area lighting is on almost 24/7. It’s why we take into account all aspects that impact reliability, power consumption and usable lumen lifetime. Also, by making our solutions comfortable as well as functional, your lighting complies with the latest standards (EN12464-1) and ensures visual comfort in any space. From reception to technical rooms.

“We combine an optimal output with the best lighting quality for every application and our light control systems result in additional energy savings.”

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Energy-saving lighting for general hospital areas

Safety before ALL ELSE

Reliable emergency lighting ensures that patients, visitors and staff quickly locate a safe escape route in times of need. Even in the most complex hospital buildings, we provide new or refurbished solutions for minimal invasive renovations. Both fully compliant with all safety standards (EN1838). The result? A careful design and quality emergency lighting output.

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Safety in hospitals and healthcare

Healthcare references

We provided several healthcare institutions with refurbished and energy-saving lighting solutions. Care to read more about one of the specific cases?

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We start from the very first design stages and stick by your side through the whole service life. The result? A long-lasting partnership and circular lighting that’s just the same.

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