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The IP rating is a measure of the protection of a luminaire against the ingress of solid objects, dust and water. The IP rating is determined according to the IEC 60529 standard.

  • IP20: Protected against large objects, such as a finger. This is the minimum value for luminaires.
  • IP21: Resistant to drops perpendicular to the luminaire.
  • IP22: Resistant to drops on a 15 ° tilted fixture.
  • IP40: Protected against pointed objects larger than 1 mm, for example a screwdriver.
  • IP41: Protected against pointed objects and drops that fall perpendicular to the luminaire.
  • IP42: Protected against pointed objects and drops falling below 15 ° on the luminaire.
  • IP65: Spray-proof: the fixture can withstand a water jet from all angles.
  • IP66: Water resistant: The luminaire can withstand a strong water jet from all angles.


The IK classification indicates the protection against mechanical impact, according to EN 62262.

Éclairage de sécurité et BAES

Conception de l’éclairage de sécurité


Flux (lm)



Unified Glare Rating - this is an approximate model expressing the risk of glare.
The standard values range from UGR 16 (low risk of glare) to UGR 28.
In the standard for workplace lighting EN12464-1, limit values for UGR are imposed for various rooms.

Lamp colour

3000 K = Warm white
4000 K = Natural white

Ceiling modulation

Ceiling modulation

ETAP's recessed luminaires are suited for lay-in mounting in ceiling systems with T-profiles.

Other ceiling systems are possible too! Contact ETAP for a customized solution for your ceiling system.

Modulation B x L
M600 600 x 600
M300 300 x 1200
M625 square 625 x 625
M625 linear 312 x 1250
Bandraster 300 x various sizes


Trim (Downlights)

Trim (Downlights)

Trim downlights

The wafer trim has a thickness of 4 mm.
The flat trim has a thickness of 1 mm.

Air extraction (cm²)

Lumen emergency