Illuminates the sports ground

To maximize visual comfort for your players and visitors, light optics are specifically designed to illuminate every pitch independently. This ensures minimal glare and an even light distribution, so your players can keep an uninterrupted focus on their game. And yes, our luminaires are impact-proof in case of wandering balls.

In these typically large halls you want to be as energy-efficient as possible. With presence-based lighting sensors and an easy control system, you never use more energy than required when fields aren’t occupied.

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Safe and sizeable EMERGENCY LIGHTING

With the large size of sports halls and potentially high number of people inside, emergency exits need to be visible from far away with clear signage and escape route lighting. And even in case of a power failure, our anti panic lighting will provide more than sufficient light to orientate and find your exit. And rest assured, all luminaires are impact-proof against high velocity balls.

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Safe and sizeable emergency lighting

Indoor sports references

Quality lighting that matches the performance of the players inside your building. With minimal energy consumption and even less material waste. Find out how we did it for other indoor sports areas.

Ready to go pro with your lighting? Let’s find the ideal solution together.

We start from the very first design stages and stick by your side through the whole service life. The result? A long lasting partnership and circular lighting that’s just the same.

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