Lighting is always an important, long-term investment and should therefore perform in the most economical way. This means minimum energy consumption for maximum output. Our circular lighting solutions are designed for the longest usable lumen lifetime maximum reliability, easy servicing, upgradeability and minimum waste.

Remember, a well-lit workplace increases productivity and improves safety (EN12464). Additional smart control systems optimize your lighting to the needs of your people and help you reduce energy consumption. Endless peace of mind with effortless lighting comfort.

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Led lighting for production sites


Lighting is often a critical safety factor in production environments where it is exposed to extreme circumstances. Even for these harsh environments, ETAP has the right lighting that is built to last. Our luminaires are tested and proven in the most extremes environments, with extra high resistance to:

  • dust
  • moisture
  • extreme temperatures
  • chemicals

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Lighting for extreme production environments and warehouses


For areas with an increased risk of explosions due to dust and gases, you require ATEX certified lighting solutions. Specifically developed for safe use in environments where high temperatures and sparks could cause an explosion hazard. Our solutions include the following safety markings: EX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80 Db and EX II 3G Ex ec nA IIC T4 Gc.

In addition, thanks to their robust casings, ATEX luminaires are extra water-tight (IP66/IP69K), impact-resistant (IK07), with and extra wide range of operating temperatures.

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ATEX certified led lighting


Industrial environments bring additional safety hazards. Heavy machinery, chemicals, high temperatures, you name it. Our industrial emergency lighting solutions provide high light levels in case of power outages, so operations can be safely shut down (EN1838).

In order to safely locate the nearest exit, you can also get specific emergency signage for large industrial spaces.

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Industrial emergency lighting

Industry references

Combining higher lighting performance with lower energy consumption, material waste and emissions? Of course you can. Find out how we did it for other industrial spaces.

Curious about taking your industrial lighting to a circular level? Let’s find your specific solution together.

We start from the very first design stages and stick by your side through the whole service life. The result? A long lasting partnership and circular lighting that’s just the same.

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