ETAP is setting the pace towards full circularity in the lighting industry. ETAP does not only make nice statements. ETAP is at the forefront of making sure our customers are enjoying the lighting they want with the least impact on natural resources as possible. This means the lighting is customised to the needs of the customer and maintained so that they can enjoy its high-quality lighting without any burden. With our product design, we work on solutions designed to be serviced and refurbished, so that they can have a second life. Their components are preferably re-used if not recycled.


Minimum impact on natural resources.

ETAP luminaires excel with their high efficiency, long service life and outstanding maintenance factor.
ETAP luminaires excel with their high efficiency, long service life and outstanding maintenance factor.


Lighting is an important factor in a building’s ecological footprint. Therefore ETAP aims to minimise the environmental impact for all its lighting systems. Starting with very high output for our luminaires, which not only means less energy consumption, but fewer required luminaries to illuminate a specific space.

Thanks to intelligent light control systems we make optimal use of daylight and the light is only switched on where and when necessary. Long service life and excellent maintenance factor (LLMF) ensure that our lighting continues to perform optimally long after installation. In this way, our customers can reduce their CO2 emissions for lighting by as much as 55 to 80%.

In addition, ETAP pushes the boundaries in terms of circularity. Our projects are increasingly being developed with circular dismantling in mind for maximum reuse or recycling. Due to the growing number of Light-as-a-Service projects, we actively contribute to a circular economy.

Anyone who wants to give their old lighting installation a new lease of life can also turn to ETAP (#renovationwave). With our bespoke designs, we can offer our customers minimally invasive renovation solutions. In this context we apply two principles:

  • Luminaire refurbishment: we only replace light source and optics, while housing, connection and ceiling remain unaffected. This can take place either in situ or at ETAP.
  • Luminaire replacement: The old luminaires are replaced with new ones one by one, without any changes to the ceiling.
We make significant efforts to continuously reduce the consumption of electricity, water and gas in our production processes. 23% of our electricity consumption is covered by our own solar panels.


It goes without saying that we also want to do our share as a company and make our ecological footprint as small as possible. We have therefore enrolled in the Science Based Targets initiative and are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2025.

Allow our customers to enjoy the lighting they want.

Personalised finishes, special integrations, ... Customization is our thing!


With our lighting we aim to create a safe, pleasant working environment that increases wellbeing and productivity. With our in-depth knowledge of all lighting aspects, we put the light exactly where it is needed and provide maximum visual comfort. We always keep in mind that every customer, every project and every space has its own specific needs.

Special colour, size or lighting technology? Smart renovation solution for an old installation? As a small, flexible player, we are unbeatable when it comes to tailormade solutions. This is how we have been able to complete numerous exceptional projects.

Peace of mind.

zorgenvrije verlichting
In the De Zeeridder building, the city of Mechelen no longer has to be responsible for the lighting’s seamless operation.


With Light-as-a-Service we provide our customers with a circular lighting solution as well as 100% peace of mind. They will enjoy state-of-the-art LED lighting, while ETAP is responsible for the system's smooth operation and for a circular take-back at the end of the contract.

Since its launch in 2018, the number of projects has been increasing significantly. Smart lighting control or management systems also take the pressure off our customers. They not only provide additional comfort and savings, but also reduce maintenance costs.

When it comes to emergency lighting, worry-free lighting takes on an additional meaning. In the event of a fire or emergency, emergency lighting must work flawlessly. Our strict quality policy, as well as the integration of automatic self-testing and the central management system and maintenance service options, ensure maximum safety.

Trusted partner.

From technology to tailored solutions: at the ETAP Light Pavilion we share our expertise with you.

After 70 years of expertise and experience, we still listen carefully to our customers. Our advisers will support them every step of the way towards lighting that fully meets their specific needs. A detailed lighting plan covers every single space. We also factor in the financial aspect. Because there is more to it than just the purchase price of the luminaires. We calculate the total cost of ownership for your installation – no unpleasant surprises, but a reliable and predictable cost. After installation we make sure that everything works perfectly: we test operation, check all settings and can also handle further maintenance.

Not huge, but powerful: our strong customer focus and high degree of flexibility ensure that we are particularly good at customization. We have designed and produced numerous solutions 100% tailored to our customers' needs.

lokale productie
ETAP manufactures 100% locally.


Innovation is in our DNA, and that is not just an empty slogan. ETAP runs its own R&D department and invests approximately 7% of its annual turnover in research and development. We work together with universities, colleges of higher education and research centres. Due to our own research and close collaboration with our customers we are perfectly aware of what happens in the market. Our specialists closely monitor new developments and integrate them into innovative solutions. To do so we use sophisticated calculation programs, our own labs and flexible production.

Our luminaires are designed as well as manufactured in Malle. This local presence does not come without obligations. You can count on European quality and our personnel can rely on European working conditions.