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Our Systems & Services help you save energy, improve efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your lighting and emergency lighting systems.

Light wherever, whenever and however you need it



Light wherever, whenever and however you need it

ETAP makes things easy for users and owners



We make things easy for users and owners

Save energy and resources with the right lighting



Save energy and resources


Etap Lighting's energy-efficient commercial light solutions

EasyDim Hybrid – saving energy was never this easy

EasyDim Hybrid is our smart solution for room-based light control. Presence detection and daylight-based dimming allow you to save up to 40% without any heavy set-up costs. A wide range of settings and scenarios allows to adjust light levels for any task and situation.

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Image of a well-lit room powered by Etap Lighting systems

Excellum – capturing valuable data for your Smart Building & optimise energy efficiency

Excellum is ETAP’s building-wide management system and service offer for your general and emergency lighting. Using smart sensors, the system not only enables you to monitor and optimize light levels and energy consumption, but also provides you with real-time data on system issues and failures, indoor climate and occupancy rates.

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ETAP services

By your side every step of the way

ETAP offers a comprehensive range of services for the entire lifecycle of your system, from initial design and realisation to maintenance and continuous optimization . Our experts are there every step of the way to help you get the most out of your investment. Depending on your needs and the in-house capacity of your organization, our services can be combined into tailor-made packages.

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Sportshall brightly illuminated by high-efficiency Etap Lighting systems, ensuring optimal visibility and safety
Circular Light as a Service

Pay for light, not lighting

ETAP offers a managed services solution for all your lighting and emergency lighting needs. Instead of investing your own money, we fulfil all your requirements for a fixed yearly fee. We take care of designing, financing, installing, commissioning and maintaining your lighting, while guaranteeing light performance, energy efficiency and legal compliance throughout the lifetime of your installation.

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