Pay for light, not lighting

With Circular Light as a Service (C-LaaS), we offer you a managed services solution for all your lighting and emergency lighting needs. Instead of investing your own money in a lighting installation, we fulfil all your requirements for a fixed yearly fee. We take care of designing, financing, installing, commissioning and maintaining your lighting, while guaranteeing light performance, energy efficiency and legal compliance throughout the lifetime of your installation.

Why choose C-LaaS now?

Make sure the lights stay on

With the European ban on fluorescent lighting on the horizon, many existing installations will become obsolete almost overnight. C-LaaS enables you to make the switch to LED technology the easy way – without the hassle, and without any upfront investments.

Save money from day one

You immediately benefit from the latest energy-efficient technology, while you keep your working capital for investments that really matter. With today’s energy prices, the C-LaaS fee will almost always be lower than the current operating costs of your lighting.

Let us do the work

While you focus on your core business, we take care of designing, financing, installing and maintaining your new lighting system. We are there to unburden you every step of the way.

C-LaaS enables you to make the switch to LED technology the easy way – without the hassle, and without any upfront investments

Why choose ETAP?

Circularity is more than just a buzzword for ETAP. It has taken centre-stage in our entire business strategy. We are designing all our products according to our circular-first philosophy and we are moving towards a circular approach with an increasing number of our customers. This approach is rooted in our deep commitment to reduce the impact of our lighting systems and provide our customers with the best value for money. It takes full advantage of the strengths we have always been known for: the longevity of our lighting systems and our local presence, close to our customers.

The C-LaaS lifecycle


For renovation projects, we start with a free quick scan. When you are convinced of our proposal, we will create a C-LaaS dossier, just like for new construction projects. The costs of this study can later be deducted from the annual C-LaaS fee.



With this service you can explore the potential of Light as a Service for your renovation project. The report shows a brief overview of all possible improvements to your lighting installation:

  • How much energy can you save?
  • Which light output is ideal for your project?
  • What is your ecological footprint?
C-LaaS dossier

C-LaaS dossier

Based on the construction plans or a site visit, we create an extensive dossier. This file contains a detailed proposal of your future lighting system.

Design and study

The C-LaaS dossier contains a lighting design with a detailed representation of the study results. The study complies with the latest standards and regulations (EN 12464 Lighting of work areas, EN 1838 & EN 50172 Emergency lighting).

The study includes the following:

  • Inventory of all luminaires
  • Working principles for all controls
  • Technical data sheets
  • Exploitation cost comparisons
  • Subsidy calculation
  • Subsidy applications
C-LaaS: Design and study

Performance contract with service levels

Based on our study, we set out performance levels for the entire duration of the C-LaaS agreement, with guaranteed light output levels for every room at a constant energy consumption.

Installation and Commissioning

Our dedicated project manager follows up the entire installation and commissioning of your lighting project.

Managed Services

We ensure uninterrupted operation and optimal performance of your lighting throughout the contract. Our services include both preventive and curative maintenance, annual compliance checks and battery tests.

An endless cycle

At the end of the contract, we decide on the next steps together. Several options are available:

  • We extend the contract following a thorough check-up of the installation
  • We extend the contract following an upgrade and refurbishment of the installation
  • You take ownership and responsibility for the installation
  • We take back the installation for reuse in the circular economy
we set out performance levels for the entire duration of the C-LaaS agreement

C-LaaS references

An increasing number of customers is relying on us to take full ownership of their lighting and emergency lighting systems. Read about their experiences and find out how they have benefited from C-LaaS.

Lighting designed for optimal performance and efficiency Endless

Designed for optimal performance and efficiency

Everything starts with your needs. We design a lighting system that is a perfect fit with your requirements and specifications, while reducing energy usage to a strict minimum. We offer tailor-made solutions for offices, industry, healthcare, education, leisure and sports. In case of renovation we make an inventory of your current installed base and determine the best way forward – refurbishment when it is economically feasible, replacement when needed.

Tap into your endless light

ETAP takes full responsibility and ownership of your lighting and emergency lighting with C-LaaS Effortless

Peace of mind at every stage

C-LaaS makes your life easier. We take full responsibility and ownership of your lighting and emergency lighting, with guaranteed performance, light levels and energy consumption throughout the entire lifetime of the installation. At every stage, you can count on our experienced project managers and service engineers to ensure flawless operation and compliance with regulations. So you can fully focus on what really matters for your organisation.

Tap into your effortless light

Our lighting solutions are designed with circularity in mind Wasteless

Nothing goes to waste

Our lighting solutions are designed with circularity in mind. We design our luminaires for a long service-life, optimised light distribution and efficient maintenance. Materials and components have been carefully selected for easy repair, refurbishment, reuse and recycling. At the end of the installation’s useful life all luminaires are safely removed and taken to our workplace where we find the best circular option. We may reuse or refurbish the entire installation for a future project or harvest some of the parts and components to create new products. When no other options remain, we work with our certified recycling partner to ensure all materials are recuperated.

Tap into your wasteless light