Demo spaces: feel free to touch

You will discover the properties and functionalities of the various light sources, technologies and optics in our demo spaces. How is the blue LED light actually converted into white light? How is ‘binning’ applied in LEDs? And what is the impact of diffusers and foils on lighting efficiency and comfort? In our demo booths you can experiment with light distributions, various optics… Please look, and feel free to touch!


Lighting = experience

ETAP LIPA people visiting shop

Lighting has a significant influence on how you experience a room. In our perception spaces you will be immersed in various lighting scenarios and you will interactively experience the importance of high-quality emergency lighting. In addition, ETAP has also set up several true-to-life application spaces, where you can experience the differences between various lighting solutions in person. For example, in a classroom we illustrate how adapted lighting can support various class scenarios. In the shop space you will see what impact the lighting level has on the store experience and the appeal of the products on the racks.

Behind the scenes

ETAP luminaires are thoroughly tested, for light output, consumption, water and temperature resistance, among others. To do so we run several measuring labs, with, among others, a state-of-the-art goniophotometer. During a tour through the LIPA you can have a look behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

ETAP range from A to Z

ETAP showroom

Our showroom provides an overview of the full ETAP range, integrated into a stylish decor. You will find luminaires and technical components on the demo tables. The same applies here: please look and feel free to touch, in order for you to understand our lighting in detail.


Energy-efficiency is a constant at ETAP, hence also in the LIPA. Heating and cooling are generated by seasonal thermal energy storage. An awning, controlled by an astroclock ensures optimum use of incident daylight. And obviously energy-efficient LED lighting, controlled by the Excellum light control system has been installed everywhere.