Saving energy was never this easy

EasyDim Hybrid is our smart solution for room-based light control. Presence detection and daylight-based dimming allow you to save up to 40% without any heavy set-up costs. A wide range of settings and scenarios enables users to adjust light levels for any task and situation.

The smart and hybrid solution

EasyDim Hybrid control lighting with smartphone

EasyDim Hybrid has been designed with maximum versatility in mind. As a ‘hybrid’ solution, it offers the best of many worlds: it is available with both wired and wireless communication, providing flexibility and minimizing system costs. Users can adjust settings either by switch panels in the room or on their smartphone. The sensors combine both presence and daylight detection for maximum energy savings.


The right light for every possible setting

EasyDim Hybrid offers endless possibilities to define settings and scenarios for different spaces and activities, ensuring appropriate light levels for every task and situation. Users can easily adjust light levels to their own personal preferences, either by using the switch panels in the room or via an app on their smartphone.


Easy to install

Adding EasyDim Hybrid to your lighting system requires little effort. The smart sensors and controllers can be used stand-alone or integrated into the luminaires. They combine both wired and a wireless communication. The latter is especially suitable for renovation and refurbishment projects, as no additional cabling is needed.


Save up to 40% energy

Through presence detection and daylight-based dimming, EasyDim Hybrid potentially reduces energy consumption by 40%. The overall build quality, the modular design and the flexible settings ensure our EasyDim Hybrid solutions match the longevity of our lighting systems.

There is an EasyDim Hybrid solution for every environment

lighting for Offices and Schools

Offices & Schools

EasyDim Hybrid offers a wide range of pre-defined configurations for common settings such as meetings, presentations and workshops, separate desks and office landscapes, meeting rooms and class rooms, … Users can further refine settings to their own personal preferences, using the switch panels in the room or via an app on their smartphone. Smart sensors can be installed stand-alone or integrated into the luminaires.

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lighting for Industry


EasyDim Hybrid Industry uses IP65-rated smart sensors that are suitable for high ceilings, creating a robust solution for the most demanding environments, saving energy by presence detection and daylight-based light level regulation. Our Industry solution is available with or without personal control options.

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