Excellum is ETAP’s building-wide management system for your general and emergency lighting, tailor-made to fit your energy saving and smart building needs. Using smart sensors, the system not only optimizes light levels and energy consumption, but also allows to collect data and generate insight into temperature, humidity, air quality, presence and occupancy rates.

Capturing valuable data for your Smart Building

Capturing valuable data for your Smart Building

LED lighting systems have become a crucial part of the digital infrastructure of today’s buildings. Excellum enables you to tap into that potential and capture sensor data from all floors, areas and rooms – basically every space where lighting is present. Our smart sensors go beyond presence and daylight detection to optimize light levels and energy consumption. By also measuring temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, they provide you with valuable input for your Building Management System and tell you all need to know about the air quality and the occupancy of your building.



A future-proof solution

Excellum is always designed by ETAP as a bespoke system, tailor-made to your building and your specific needs. It grows and evolves with your building and your organization, allowing further extensions and flexible re-commissioning of spaces and areas. Standardized communication protocols and modular hardware ensure the system is easily maintained and upgraded as time moves on. It is built with high-quality electronics and devices that are designed for 24/7 operation, ensuring maximum value for decades to come. ETAP Excellum is perfectly scalable and is usable with all indoor lighting applications, including offices and industrial environments.



User-friendly at every level

Excellum was developed with maximum ease-of-use in mind, at all levels.

Day-to-day users can always count on the exact light they need, thanks to responsive sensors and smart automation. Additionally, through a wide variety of personal control options, lighting scenes are available for every possible setting. Easy integration with mobile apps or office management tools ensure they remain in full control to adapt light levels whenever necessary.

For facility managers and service engineers, Excellum provides a powerful tool to monitor and optimize both general lighting and emergency lighting systems. Custom-made dashboards with live system data provide them with an overview of light levels, energy consumption and possible system failures in every space.



Save energy, resources and money

Excellum gives you a clear insight into what is really happening inside your building and prevents you from wasting valuable resources and money. Collecting data on occupancy, light levels, power consumption, temperature, air quality and system failures helps you to better understand your building and its usage. Acting on these insights enables you to continuously optimize energy consumption, ensure a healthy and safe working environment and reduce maintenance costs. The data collected by Excellum can be presented on customized dashboards or shared via Bacnet with building management systems or other asset management tools.

Every Excellum solution is different and fulfills specific needs. We design in components from ETAP and our partners.

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