Our U2 luminaires not only offer a very long lifetime, they are also produced locally from sustainable materials. The diffusers are easy to maintain, and at the end of their life, the recyclable material contributes to a greener future.

U2 circulaire diffusorarmaturen

Why U2?


Provide comfortable lighting

  • UGR ≤ 16 or ≤ 19 (even at high luminous fluxes)
  • Uniform illumination and excellent color stability
  • Non-visible light source

Reduce your energy costs

  • Efficiency of up to 153 lm/W
  • Suitable for large spacing

Reduce your impact on the planet

  • 96% light retention after 50,000 hours of operation
  • Sustainable materials, low maintenance and 95% recyclable


U2 offers the perfect answer to your lighting needs and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us for inquiries.

Download the product presentation, or go directly to U2 product codes & technical data sheets.