The reworked E5 uses the 'Multilens' optics: a package of clustered lenses that guarantee high efficiency and directional light distribution. Thanks to the modular structure we are able to provide you with a solution that perfectly meets your lighting needs.


For any application

The light from the individual LEDs is forwarded through a package of lenses. They form a sealed unit that shields the LEDs. There is a different Multilens for every light distribution, with an adapted lens type. Optimal light distribution depends on your application.


Maximum flexibility

The E5 consists of a continuous profile on which separate LED modules are installed. Intervals between modules are completely up to you based on your lighting needs and the layout of your space. Will you need more light later? Just add extra modules. Does your space layout change? Just move the modules. Any defective modules can be easily replaced.

You can choose between single or double lighting modules. Depending on the intervals, the E5 achieves up to 18,000 lumen per metre.


High-quality LEDs 

The Multilens optics conceal medium, exceptionally efficient LEDs, which will still maintain 83% of their luminous intensity after 50,000 burning hours (LLMF). Superior heat dissipation also results in long service life.


Easy switch from fluorescent to LED

In renovation projects, existing E3 or E5 luminaires with fluorescent lamps can be easily replaced with LED modules. The principle is simple: we remove the E3 or E5 fluorescent luminaires and install LED modules on the existing profile. This takes place on the basis of a new lighting study, which determines the best possible illuminance for your specific scenario. This implies that you can switch from fluorescent to LED without adjustments to the ceiling and that you can immediately enjoy the benefits: no more lamp replacement and up to 30% savings on your energy bill.