Birds of a feather flock together. When leading Dutch plastics manufacturer Bolidt went looking for the right lighting partner for its new Innovation Center, it soon ended up with ETAP.

'Since the creation of Bolidt, we have been persistently into innovation,' according to Rientz Willem Bol, CEO at Bolidt. 'In the Bolidt Innovation Center we will soon focus more specifically on open source innovation and cooperation. Only by dreaming, thinking, working and experiencing together all the options involving plastics can we achieve innovation that is able to conquer the world. That is what we want to accomplish here, together with all partners.'

That is why ETAP has been involved with the Bolidt Innovation Center design from the very beginning. The result is impressive: the LED lighting is perfectly integrated into the building and highlights the creative and innovative processes that take place in the living lab. However, ETAP was also able to contribute behind-the-scenes by linking its light control system with that with which Bolidt runs its experience applications.

Piet Van Gameren explains how the co-makership between Bolidt and ETAP came about after a visit to the ETAP Light Pavilion.

What lighting did Bolidt go for?