With our architectural, modular lighting range Ley, you can create the light lines you want. Short or long - or very, very long…

Surface-mounted, suspended or - from now on - recessed in your ceiling as well.

Choose from three kinds of optics:

  • Opal diffuser for clean, straight lines and a uniform optic.
  • Shielded Lens for a hidden light source and a high performance (UGR ≤ 19)
  • NEW: a prismatic diffuser combining a bright, diffuser optics with a low UGR (≤ 19), suited for office environments.

Choose between a black, white or grey housing. Special requests regarding the colour, technical integrations, etc. ? We’d love to work out a tailormade solution for you.

With Ley, you can be sure to have a high-end, performant and beautifully finished lighting, developed with great care for our planet. Ley has a very long lifetime and will still offer 97 to 99% of its original light flux after burning 50,000 hours. All parts - driver included - are screwed (not glued) so the luminaires can easily be maintained or disassembled. And it is 100% manufactured in Malle, Belgium.

Last but not least: we offer 5 years of warranty.


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