Why switch to new lighting? For the Ivo Van Damme sports hall in Herent, the reason wasn’t that ordinary: it had to upgrade its lighting to have it aligned with the standards applicable to international sports events.

Not being the initial relighting motivation, nonetheless the other benefits coming along with the sports hall relighting – a strongly improved lighting comfort and a serious energy bill reduction – were more than welcome as well.

High performance, low consumption

To make the sports hall future-proof, E7 luminaires were chosen. The LED+LENSTM optic ensures an optimized light distribution and maximum visual comfort for the athletes (no glare). The luminaires were mounted on a narrow cable tray to avoid any balls or other pieces of sports equipment might get stuck.

The lighting level is simply adjustable per playing field. In addition, the energy consumption fell back significantly in spite of a higher lighting performance. Whereas the lighting used to generate an average of 240 lux for a 144 kWh consumption, it now achieves 350 lux with 50% less energy consumption.

Voor relighting


Na relighting


icoon zorgenvrij

After-service unburdening

An EMD Multidetector provides additional savings and comfort: the lighting is dimmed according to the available daylight and/or switched off after 30 minutes of no activity.

We provide excellent after-service with our C-LaaS (Circular Light as a Service) contract and remain responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the installation for 10 years, with a guaranteed light level and constant energy consumption!

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