• E7 product presentation

    E7 sport is the ideal lighting for sports halls (in accordance with the standard for sports lighting EN12193). E7 luminaires are resistant to ball impacts and can therefore take a punch. Moreover, they have high efficiency and a long service life. This way, you are assured for years of safe and pleasant lighting that dazzles neither players nor the public.

  • U7 product presentation

    ETAP’s U7 range offers advanced lighting technology, 'wrapped up' in a unique design. The superb combination of high power LEDs and sophisticated lenses (LED+LENSTM) allows for maximum visual comfort and impressive distribution of light.

  • K9 product presentation

    K9 proves that emergency lighting can be beautiful and discreet. The minimalist design, the compact design and the high-quality aluminum finish ensure that these luminaires integrate perfectly into any environment. Use the specialized optics for escape route or anti-panic lighting. When more light is needed, as in staircases, use the version for high light levels.

  • Product presentation K1-K2-K3 renovation

    Wouldn't you love to upgrade your old fluorescent emergency lighting to the newest LED technology? With these renovation modules, you can upgrade your fluo ETAP luminaire - battery, lamp and electronics all at once.

  • U2 Product presentation

    U2 is a diffuse backlit luminaire. The advanced microstructure foil combined with a recycled PMMA plate ensure high visual comfort (UGR<16 and <19) and a very high efficiency (~150lm/w). Its sophisticated light distribution and high lumen output (up to 5500lm) allow you to illuminate large spaces such as landscape offices with a minimum of luminaires.

  • Tiar product presentation

    Our Tiar range brings a breeze of fresh air to your interior and makes you forget about round, conventional downlights. You chose the size, colour and shape, Tiar provides the looks, performance and visual comfort.

  • E8 product presentation

    E8 is the perfect solution for illuminating large industrial halls, from 5 m and up. Thanks to its unique shape, it has almost no dust or dirt accumulation on top and it is easy to clean – perfect for the food industry or for dusty environments.

  • K1R product presentation

    Compact and robust emergency lighting. K1R combines design with sustainability and performance, with the longest distances covered between individual luminaires. Use the specialized optics for escape route or anti-panic lighting, or the high-output version for high mounting heights or elevated light levels. And there is a version for applications in which high visual comfort is important!

  • KL1 product presentation

    The KL ensures safety in large spaces (up to 40 m recognition distance). This escape route luminaire features a robust housing and can be installed particularly easily, either ceiling- or wall-mounted (perpendicular or parallel). The NiMH batteries last for up to 10 years.

  • Ley product presentation

    Ley lines are characterized by a sleek design, a perfect finish and a simple installation. With this modular lighting system, you can follow and accentuate the architecture throughout an entire building. You choose between 2 optics (diffuser or Shielded Lens), 3 colors (white, gray, black) and different mounting versions (ceiling, suspended, recessed, wall).

  • Product presentation R3

    R3 series combines a sophisticated design with the innovative Shielded Lens technology. The shielded units in the optics shield the LED light and prevent glare. Thanks to an extensive range, R3 offers a wide choice for the lighting of i.a. reception areas, offices and public spaces. R3 is also available as a line (suspended mounting).

  • Product presentation U3 & U7

    In environments with high visual requirements (eg offices, labs), focused light distribution and high efficiency - in addition to comfort - are relevant as well. For these applications, ETAP developed:

    • U3 with Shielded Lens technology
    • U7 with LED+LENSTM-technology
  • Product presentation EasyDim2

    Save energy through local light control.

  • Product presentation ESM

    The ETAP Safety Manager (ESM) is a central control and management system for your emergency lighting.