renovation module • linear
Office, Healthcare, Education, Horeca, Retail, Leisure, Industry, Logistics, Sport
low power LED
lighting/double sided signage
ESM - wired

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Product description

K1M13 Renovation module to led for ETAP K1 and K2 fluo emergency lighting Autonomous luminaire (contains battery). Dimensions: . Plug-and-play, screwless replacement of the interior, exterior housing and wiring are kept as-is.   Voltage: 220-230V. Autonomy: 60 minutes. The luminaire contains lamp data, battery date and type as required according to EN 60598-2.22. Battery: 4 x NiMh 1,2V 1,1Ah. Automatic functional test every week, duration every test 13 weeks, in accordance to EN 50172 and EN 62034. Monitoring and control via ESM software for central maintenance. Polarity independent connection via two wire BUS communication. Maintained/non maintained mode selectable, preset for most common application. Electrical insulation class: class II. Photobiological safety EN 62471: RISK GROUP 0 UNLIMITED. . Glowwire: 850°C. 5 years warranty on luminaire, light source, driver and battery (for autonomous luminaires). Certifications: CE. The luminaire has been developed and produced according to standard EN60598-1 in a company that is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.