ETAP’s U3 range offers you a combination of supreme light comfort and an outstanding light distribution. The Shielded Lens technology shields the LED light thereby minimizing glare. The lightsource is integrated in to shielding units to hide the LED light from sight in the critical angle of view.
U3 is available in three sub-ranges:

  • The OFC range (Optimized For Comfort) consists of luminaires with a medium-wide angle light distribution to achieve the highest visual comfort.
  • The OFR range (Optimized For Renovation), maximizes the luminous flux per unit with a medium beam light distribution and is optimized for fixed interdistances of 2,4 m.
  • The OFI range (Optimized For Interdistances) with an extreme wide angle light distribution was designed to maximize interdistances whilst achieving lighting design requirements.

IF Award 2018