Meet our QROC team. This roaring name stands for Quick Response Office Cell and is based on the same principles as QRM: optimize processes and reduce lead times. Last spring, this multidisciplinary team started with its first assignment: a value engineering update for our success series U7 (and R7). QROC turned out to be an efficient and motivational approach with particularly convincing results.

We let each team member share his experience with you. Because in practice, QROC brings along several diverse advantages, as well for customers and partners.

QROC Willy

“Our first project is a success: in the first phase, we were able to accomplish work with our QROC cell that would otherwise take 2 to 3 times as much time. This way, we were able to develop two concepts for U7/R7 product updates in a very effective and fast way. This #timesaving way of work allows - more than ever – a full focus on content. And even more importantly: that our developments reach our customers faster than ever.”

QROC specialist Willy Vandersteen


“It soon became clear that QROC not only saves time, but also benefits the #quality of our solutions. The intense consultation between the multidisciplinary members of our team generates valuable input and exceptional perspectives. The result? An extreme attention to technical details and finish, down to the last detail. Totally ETAP!”

Proces engineer Bert Sels

QROC Stefan

As a buyer, I normally follow a development process from the sidelines. However, as a member of the QROC cell, I’m now right in the middle of the action and I can follow a project closely, from start to finish. This creates focus and efficiency, but it also provides more #insights and knowledge. Result: by approaching the right supplier more quickly, we again gained time and quality. All of this makes QROC an absolutely convincing and motivating experience.”

Stefan Hoeckx, Purchase

QROC Frederic

“So great, working in this QROC cell. Because of the common goal and the physical proximity - we have a common team room - there is a clear focus and a great #involvement for everyone. We deliberately opted for a team space close to our assembly hall. The proximity of our colleagues from assembly means a clear added value: from the outset, we regularly test our ideas with them. Their feedback is extremely valuable in our development process and contributes to the end result: getting the products to customers faster.”

Frederic Van der Stock, Product Development


“With QROC you challenge each other to look at a project from a broader perspective. Thanks to that #challenge, you get to new solutions that would otherwise have remained undiscovered. That is how - in early consultation with colleagues from various departments and with our external suppliers - we elaborated a completely renewed configuration for our U7 and R7 luminaires. Not noticeable on the outside, but with a whole new system on the inside that ensures an much easier and faster luminaire assembly. It is a 100% QROC merit that we ended up with this extraordinary, efficient solution. On top of that: a strong focus you never lose sight of – all thanks to QROC. I am definitely a fan! ”

Gert Huysmans, technology specialist