Surface-mounted or suspended Shielded Lens luminaire.
lacquered sheet steel
LED • 3000 K • CRI (Ra) 80
Shielded lens • polycarbonate (PC) with aluminium thin film • medium wide-angle
<= 16
2100 lm
132 lm/W
98% @ 50khrs (Tq=25°C)


The figure that reflects the drop in luminous flux of the light source (LLMF) takes into account failing LEDs, and deterioration of the light output over time. How do we determine this LLMF? We distinguish between the service life of LEDs at the component level and at the luminaire level.

At the component level we take into account the gradual deterioration of the luminous flux of the LEDs (parametric failure or B-lifetime), and the potential breakdown of LEDs (catastrophic failure or C-lifetime). At the luminaire level the complete failure of a luminaire is not relevant (see Luminaire Survival Factor). The LLMF corresponds with the B-lifetime at the luminaire level and hence takes on board the parametric as well as catastrophic failure of the individual LEDs in the luminaires.

In order to achieve an accurate, reliable LLMF for our luminaires, we carry out a ‘principal component analysis’:

  • We determine the parametric failure at the component level in accordance with objective LM80/TM21.
  • We are unable to calculate the catastrophic failure, but prefer to collaborate with manufacturers who make accurate data available. Whenever no measurement data are offered, we depend on electronic reliability models (MIL-HBK-217F)


Unified Glare Rating

This is an approximate model expressing the risk of glare.

The standard values range from UGR 16 (low risk of glare) to UGR 28.
In the standard for workplace lighting EN12464-1, limit values for UGR are imposed for various rooms.

Unified Glare Rating

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Product description

R3111/LEDW220DX1 Surface-mounted or suspended Shielded Lens luminaire. Shielded lens optics, polycarbonate (PC) with aluminium thin film, medium wide-angle light distribution. Housing with a visible height of 20 mm and seamless rounded corners. Shielding units with rounded ends. Dimensions: 1380 mm x 180 mm x 35 mm. Shielded lens: the light source is hidden from view by shielding units, the light distribution is made with a lens. Two lenses per shield cavity. Luminous flux: 2100 lm, Luminous efficacy: 132 lm/W. Power: 15.9 W, DALI dimmable. Frequency: 50-60Hz AC. Voltage: 220-240V. Electrical isolation class: class I. LED with very good light maintenance; at 50000 hrs the luminaire retains 98% of it's initial flux (Tq=25°C). Correlated colour temperature: 3000 K, Colour rendering ra: 80. Standard deviation colour matching satisfy 3 SDCM. Shielded lens for glare-free light distribution with UGR <= 16 and luminances @ 65° 3000 Cd/m² conform norm EN 12464-1 for very high visual demands, e.g. quality control, precision tasks. Photobiological safety IEC/TR 62778: RG1. Lacquered sheet steel housing, RAL9003 - white (textured). IP protection level: IP20. Glowwire: 650°C. 5 years warranty on luminaire and driver. Certifications: CE, ENEC. Luminaire with halogen free leads. The luminaire has been developed and produced according to standard EN60598-1 in a company that is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Mandatory accessoires for mounting the luminaire: ACC-HI00-X00, ACC-HI00-X01, ACC-HI00-X02, ACC-HI01-3P-1500, ACC-HI01-5P-1500, ACC-HI02-3P-1500, ACC-HI02-5P-1500.