recessed luminaire • linear
Office, Healthcare, Education, Horeca, Retail, Leisure
lacquered sheet steel
LED LP • 3000 K
Softlight • closed lamp shielding • wide-angle
<= 22
2250 lm
107 lm/W
98% @ 50khrs (Tq=25°C)

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Product description

US3140/LEDW20S Linear recessed luminaire, Softlight optics, closed lamp shielding, wide-angle light distribution. Dimensions: 1195 mm x 295 mm x 95 mm. M300, installation as pure lay-in luminaire for modular ceilings with basic exposed TEE grid system. White sheet metal lamp shield with arched shape and two curved sheet metal side reflectors, 100% indirect light. The lamp shield masks the light source which prevents direct view, the light is reflected by the side reflectors resulting in uniform and bright light distribution. Luminous flux: 2250 lm, Luminous efficacy: 107 lm/W. Power: 21.0 W, not dimmable. Frequency: 50-60Hz AC. Voltage: 220-240V. Electrical isolation class: class I. LED with very good light maintenance; at 50000 hrs the luminaire retains 99% of its initial flux (Tq=25°C). Correlated colour temperature: 3000 K Standard deviation colour matching satisfy 3 SDCM. Softlight for glare-free light distribution with UGR <= 22 and luminances @ 65° (value) cd/m² conform norm EN 12464-1 for moderate visual and concentration demands. Photobiological safety EN 62471: RISK GROUP 0 UNLIMITED. Lacquered sheet steel housing, specular white. IP protection level: IP20. IK protection level: IK03. Glowwire: 650°C. 5 years warranty on luminaire and driver. Certifications: CE, ENEC. Luminaire with halogen free leads. The luminaire has been developed and produced according to standard EN60598-1 in a company that is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.