Even aircrafts can be recycled, that’s what the Belgian company Aerocircular proves. Every year they dismantle 25 old passenger aircraft according to the principles of circularity. For this purpose, Aerocircular built a new hangar at the airport of Ostend (Belgium): a 17m high sustainable hall made of reusable steel and a translucent sail roof. The sail is not only 100% recyclable, but also provides plenty of daylight.

In ETAP they found the right partner for reliable, sustainable lighting: 64 high-bay luminaires (E8) provide powerful lighting with daylight control at a height of 17 meters. In addition, for dust and watertight emergency lighting (K2). Both lighting and emergency lighting are controlled by smart systems for easy management and extra energy savings. Under the form of a C-LaaS (Circular Light as a Service) agreement ETAP will be responsible for the proper functioning of both lighting and emergency lighting for the next 11 years.