Leave your light up to us

Light should give you energy, not take it away. That’s why we created end-to-end lighting. Lighting that comes with comfort and convenience. So you and your colleagues can focus on your achievements, free of any effort.

Rely on the advice of experts to find a lighting solution that unburdens you. One that fits the purpose of your building and the people working there. The right lighting at any time, in any space.

Find comfort in YOUR LIGHTING

Much like our advice, our lighting is tailored to your building and your people. That means it fits your specific application to make your lighting more visually comfortable. Circular Light as a Service (C-LaaS) means that you enjoy an all-inclusive, end-to-end service. From designing to dismantling, we take care of your light every step of the way. To ensure your lighting installations are - and remain - easy to use.

Gain an all-in-one partner for both general and emergency lighting.

Encounter an issue with your lighting? Our fast and agile approach makes sure you’re not left in the dark. Even in critical or unforeseen circumstances, we are there to find a suitable answer for everyone involved.

Find comfort in your lighting

Easy luminaires for A PERFECT FIT

All our lighting systems are easy to install, maintain and repair. Designed to give you the highest reliability and lowest maintenance cost.

We offer tailored solutions to fit your existing ceiling. This guarantees a circular approach and a worry-free upgrade to the best available technology. Ensuring your lighting is norm compliant ánd comfortable for the many years to come.

Quality service MADE EASY

An effortless service is only guaranteed when people and processes are aligned to deliver it.

We are agile, fast, efficient and flexible in responding to specific requests from our customers. We develop and maintain a strong network of highly qualified partners who value and care about our customers, society and the planet.

Quality service made easy
Sparks your interest? Find out more about tomorrow’s light.

Sparks your interest? Find out more about tomorrow’s light.

How we make lighting of the future effortless? Find out in the white paper on circular product design

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