Light built to last

Premium components, durable design and 70 years of craftmanship. At ETAP, we build light that lives on.

You, too, can become part of an endless, circular world where waste becomes a resource, where old becomes new.

Become part of a CIRCULAR WORLD

Your lighting choice makes a difference. Instead of replacing them, you can give your luminaires a new lease of life with luminaire refurbishment. Our bespoke designs provide you with minimally invasive renovation solutions that are easily maintainable and upgradeable.

You don’t have to own a luminiare. You only need excellent light. With Circular Light as a Service (C-LaaS), we do not focus on a one-off sale, but on a service in which we guarantee carefree lighting during the service life. With C-LaaS, we keep ownership of our products, while you maximize the circular potential of your lighting for a higher return on investment.

That’s one step closer to a circular world.

Become part of a circular world

Durability you can COUNT ON

Our LED lighting is built to last. We set the industry standard for lumen maintenance and colour stability for the longest usable lifetime. Selecting the best materials and components is not enough to reach this level of durability, it also requires a thorough understanding of LED technology and excellent product design. Our C-LaaS-first approach means we continuously optimize our products and solutions for reliability, maintainability, and upgradeability.

Also in highly demanding environments, we take into account all safety aspects and offer a 5 year warranty on emergency luminaires including the batteries. Making sure people safely locate escape routes in every type of facility.

Closing the CIRCLE

Our commitment to you is long-lasting too. Partner up with ETAP, and you’ll be in for a lifetime. We put more than 70 years of knowledge into every part of the lighting process. Development and production, of course. But also through installation and maintenance we stay by your side to make sure your light is properly taken care of.

Finally, we’re at the end of our contract. And even then, you rely on effortless service. We upgrade and refurbish your lighting with an extension of your contract, or we retrieve and repurpose our luminaires. If it would be up to us: no luminaire gets left behind.

Closing the circle
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