Leave no trace behind

In the natural world, there’s no such thing as waste. And that’s the way it should be for our light solutions. With C-LaaS, ETAP leads the journey towards circularity. It’s what drives us to optimize products and solutions to minimize our waste — and yours. From production and transport to use and maintenance, refurbished and repurposed lighting systems get us closer to a wasteless and circular destination.

Be part of the SOLUTION

It’s not easy to decide what’s best for the environment. We know. With our proven circular lighting solutions you can be a forerunner tomorrow.

We don’t see used products as waste. Instead, we look at them as a source of components and raw materials that we can reuse. We go above and beyond, repurposing old luminaires and creating made-to-measure refurbishment solutions that reduce your carbon footprint by a minimum of 55%. So you can act instead of ask.

Durability in the DETAILS

Waste is not just what gets left behind. Reducing waste starts way before consumption - and even production. It starts in the smallest design details.That’s why we partner with innovative suppliers to search for biobased and biodegradable material options. It’s why we design your luminaires using aluminium with over 85% recycled content and recycled plastics. And in case they can no longer be upgraded and repurposed, our luminaires are easy to take apart, so that their components can once again be reused or recycled.

Durability in the details

Committed on EVERY LEVEL

ETAP’s commitment to reduce waste shines through in everything we do - like in our corporate partnerships. As part of The Shift, we join forces with other businesses to learn and inspire each other on the topic of sustainability.

We choose to go beyond the regulatory framework - 55% CO2 reduction by 2030 - by joining the Science Based Targets Initiative. Instead, we commit to a footprint reduction of at least 55% by 2025 compared to 2018.

Committed on every level
Sparks your interest? Find out more about tomorrow’s light.

Sparks your interest? Find out more about tomorrow’s light.

How we make the light of the future waste-free? Find out in the white paper on circular product design

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