Save energy through local light control

How much energy do you use?

Smart lighting solutions for energy-saving - ETAP Lighting

Huge savings potential: approximately 20 to 35% of global electricity consumption goes to lighting (depending on building and activity).


You can save energy by:

  1. Energy-friendly luminaires.
  2. Sparing use of light: the right amount at the right time.
  3. Optimal use of daylight.

EasyDim2 helps you saving energy

Easydim2 is a local light control system you can easily save up to 60% energy with:

ETAP Lighting - Smart energy-saving lighting solutions

EasyDim2 energy savings

While the movement and daylight sensors manage your light automatically, you can also manually adjust the lighting to specific, sometimes varying needs via the app and the push buttons.


  • Movement detection
  • Daylight-dependent light control
  • EasyDim2 app
  • Push buttons

Frequently used and in some countries even mandatory is the combination of manual switching on and automatic switching off (eg in classrooms). This way, you realize large energy savings.

This is how EasyDim2 works

EasyDim2 consists of a control unit with multisensory (CTRL) that is connected to (DALI-controlled) lighting luminaires.

Energy-saving lighting solutions - ETAP Lighting

The control unit receives signals from the environment (daylight and human movement) and controls the lighting according to an optimized scenario.


You can also manually manage the control unit using the EasyDim2 app or push buttons.

app en drukknoppen

All luminaires are divided over 3 DALI circuits (DA1, DA2, DA3). Each circuit works as an area, within which all luminaires react in the same way, according to a fixed scenario.

Hoe werkt EasyDim2?

If you want, the facility manager or building manager can easily adjust the settings via the EasyDim2 app to your specific projects and/or wishes.

This is how the control unit works

werking control unit EasyDim2


System capabilities

The sensor range is:

  • up to 20 m² for small fine movements (office applications)
  • up to 48 m² for larger movements (education)
  • maximum height of 3,5 m

For each DALI line, you can

  • connect a maximum of 15 luminaires (x 3 DALI lines = 45 luminaires);
  • add up to 3 extension sensors;
  • connect a maximum of 3 push button interfaces.
Top view sensor range


This is how the push buttons work

Depending on the installation and application, you can have the push buttons programmed in the following way:

  • Four different lighting scenarios (button 1 to 4).
    e.g. dimming scenarios in classrooms or auditoria for using blackboards, giving presentations, …
  • Control three lighting areas individually (buttons 1 to 3) or all areas together (button 4) by a short push (switch on or off) or a long push (dimming).
  • Switch all luminaires on (button 1), off (button 2), dim higher (button 3) or lower (button 4).
Scenes Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene  3 Scene  4
Areas (on/off/dimming) Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 All areas
General All on Higher dimming All off Dimming lower


Mounting versions


Recessed EasyDim2

Recessed EasyDim2 with cable and installation box

Surface-mounted EasyDim2

Easy installation and control


Does the initial commissioning.

Building manager or facility manager
Can easily adjust parameters.

The user
Selects the requested room, scene, area, dimming scenario, etc. Can change the name of the controlled rooms.


The EasyDim2 app (available for Android and iOS) allows easy commissioning (for the installer) or adjusting (for the facility manager). Users can easily adapt the lighting to their instant, personal needs via the app.

easydim2 app

Example scenarios




EasyDim2 - recessed (multisensor / installation box / cable)


EasyDim2 - recessed without box (with counter plug)


EasyDim2 - surface mounted (multisensor with surface-mounted housing)




Expansion sensor for motion detection


Expansion sensor for motion detection - recessed


Expansion sensor for motion detection - surface-mounted


Pushbutton interface


Pushbutton panel, 4 commands and text field




2 m flex, 3 x 1,5 mm² with CEE7 mains plug and GST18 bus


T-piece GST18, 3-pin, 1 x IN, 2x OUT (black)


Distribution block GST18, 3-pin, 1 x IN, 3 x OUT (white)


Distribution block GST18, 3-pin, 1 x IN, 5 x OUT (white)


Connector GST18, 3-pin


3 m extension cord, 5 x 1,5 mm² with GST18 plug and GST18 bus (blue)


T-piece GST18, 5-pin, 1 x IN, 2 x OUT (blue)


Plug GST18, 5-pin (blue)


Installation videos