Firstand foremost lighting is for people. We use our technological expertise to design lighting that is comfortable and that makes working efficiently easier. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of all things lighting, we provide light exactly where people need it and create a pleasant atmosphere where people like to stay. We always keep in mind that every space has its own specific needs – a supermarket requires completely different lighting from a hospital, an office or production hall. With our broad range and our flexible custom work, we have the right solution available for every application.

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Lighting is an important factor in your building’s ecological footprint, which is why we aim to minimise the environmental impact for all our lighting systems. Starting with very high output for our luminaires, which not only means less energy consumption, but fewer required luminaries to illuminate a specific space. Thanks to intelligent light control systems we make optimal use of daylight and the light is only switched on where and when necessary. Long service life and excellent maintenance factor ensure that our lighting continues to perform optimally long after installation. Furthermore, at the end of their lifetime our products can be easily recycled and even reused.


You have to be able to rely on your lighting every day. This starts by making the right choices. Our advisors will support you every step of the way towards lighting that fully meets your needs. With a detailed lighting plan for every space, you will be perfectly aware of where you stand. We also factor in the financial aspect. Because there is more to it than just the purchase price of the luminaires. We do the math for you with the total cost of ownership for your installation – no unpleasant surprises, but a reliable and predictable cost. After the installation we make sure that everything works perfectly: we test operation, check all settings and can also handle further maintenance.

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ETAP runs its own R&D department and invests approximately 7% of its annual turnover in research and development. We work together with universities, colleges of higher education and research centres. Due to our own research and close collaboration with our customers we are perfectly aware of what happens in the market. Our specialists closely monitor new developments and integrate them into innovative solutions. To do so we use sophisticated calculation programs, our own labs and flexible production.

Innovation is in our DNA, and that is not just an empty slogan. Back in 2003, ETAP was one of the first in the industry to introduce LEDs in its emergency lighting. In 2014 we were the first to market emergency lighting with OLEDs.

Smart lighting and connected lighting are increasingly important, which is why ETAP runs an R&D department that closely monitors this development and works on innovative applications. In this way we are able to always provide the best lighting solutions, even in the future.