Made in Europe

ETAP luminaires are designed and manufactured in Malle. This local presence does not come without obligations. You can count on European quality and our personnel can rely on European working conditions.

Employee with handgloves working in ETAP production

Energy-efficient production

green plug

Our luminaires have always been ‘best of class’ when it comes to energy efficiency. In our production we also keep a close eye on sustainability parameters. We endeavour to continuously decrease the use of electricity, water and gas. Successfully.

For further information please consult the sustainability report.


Sustainability is often a catchall concept. The BREEAM and LEED sustainability certificates rely on cold hard figures: based on established parameters they allocate points for proven sustainability, in terms of consumption, materials, packaging, etc.

ETAP has many years’ experience with BREEAM and LEED certification for construction projects. In addition, we have our product range analysed by an official BREEAM assessor on a regular basis. Your ETAP advisor will be happy to assist you further.



Read the ETAP and BREEAM brochure here

Read the ETAP and LEED brochure here

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