ETAP’s services start as soon as a new installation is planned. Our lighting specialists will help you with the choice of a lighting solution tailored to your needs and taking into account applicable standards. We will support you every step of the way in the selection of the right luminaires and light control systems and will develop a detailed plan for your entire building.


It all starts with a good conversation

Which luminaires do you choose? Which lighting level do you need? What are the legal requirements for your emergency lighting? How do you approach your lobby, sanitary facilities or underground car park? Our lighting specialists will visit you and discuss it with you.

Comparing various solutions

Not yet 100% certain of how exactly you want to illuminate your spaces? ETAP has developed a set of sample studies for a number of reference spaces, i.e., individual offices, corridors, classrooms, etc. In this way you will be able to compare several solutions and quickly make a more targeted and informed choice.

Detailed lighting study

We will conduct a lighting study for your building, with detailed light calculations for every space. We will outline escape routes for your emergency lighting. We can also create a visual presentation for the proposed lighting concept. Financial analysis, with operating costs and cost recovery, are included in the options.

Putting into service and support


During the installation of our control systems, we will support you with the collection of the necessary information. During this putting into service, we will assist you to guarantee perfect operation. Everything will be thoroughly tested, we will check all settings and will provide training to you and your staff on how to use the system.


Thorough preparation will have preceded the implementation of a control system. Together we have established what you need exactly. A plan has been developed with all components and functionalities, bill of materials and technical overview. Subsequently it is of course important that all goes according to plan. In some systems the components are delivered with the correct settings, thus enabling the installer to carry out the work. In many cases it is necessary for us to implement a portion of the system in situ. We will obviously thoroughly test everything before the first rollout.

For Excellum2 and ESM, ETAP furthermore has online access to the system, enabling us to test and adjust the settings without having to visit you.


Control systems are only effective if both users and administrators know how to use them. ETAP strives to make its systems user-friendly, but we will obviously provide training where necessary.


After all components have been installed and systems are in running order, good management of the insulation is important. ETAP can handle the maintenance of your (emergency) lighting or control systems. Further services after installation include, inter alia, inspection, light measurements or stock-taking. You can opt for a standard contract or a tailored solution.


Maintenance EBS

Standard contracts

ETAP provides standard solutions for the maintenance of your general and emergency lighting installation. We will visit you at agreed intervals and carry out extensive tests to check whether the luminaires still work as they should. Where necessary, we will replace lamps or batteries, which are approaching or have reached the end of their service life. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced in our Malle-based production unit. We will also visit you for maintenance, inspection and tests on our central battery systems (EBS and EBS Compact).

For the maintenance of our lighting control systems (Excellum and Excellum2) and emergency lighting (ESM) we provide several solutions depending on the system. For ESM we can work either remotely or in situ. For Excellum2 we process error messages and information requests remotely. In addition, we offer annual inspections in situ. For Excellum, customers have a choice between several modules, ranging from telephone and online support to annual callouts. Of course we report extensively on every callout, preventing any unpleasant surprises.


Tailored contracts

In addition to standard contracts, we also provide tailored solutions:

Training: We provide tailored training for our Excellum DALI, Excellum2 and ESM control systems. Would you like a refresher course on the instructions you have received during rollout? Or would you like to thoroughly get to know the system? After our training you will be able to resolve issues or even make adjustments to your settings.

Inventory: In large buildings or complexes it is often not obvious which (emergency) lighting is installed in the various spaces, especially if it involves older buildings. We will visit you, take inventory of your full lighting installation and provide you with the necessary documentation.

Light measurement: Lighting in schools, work environments or care facilities must satisfy specific standards. Depending on the task to be carried out, minimum illuminance is imposed. It is possible that circumstances change over time. Adjustments to colour, layout and materials in a space can impact illuminance. In order to ensure that your lighting is still adequate, we can come to you to measure illuminance, after which you can take measures, if necessary.

Should you have any questions about these or other tailored contracts, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.